Equpoint Property LTD offer Cargo  Monitoring Service that provides real time tracking and securing of cargo containers.

Equpoint Property LTD offer Cargo  Monitoring Service

Equpoint Property LTD comes with the solution for Fuel Tanker cargo monitoring system which provides

Equpoint Property LTD offer Cargo Seal for Monitoring Pharmaceutical cargo transport service.

EQUPOINT P LTD is hereby provides you

Equpoint Property LTD monitor all types of Cargo include

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Do you have the following troubles?

  • Poor resolution for the fuel sensor with float; and sometimes the float stop to work because of adhesion.
  • The fuel sensor could not be sawed on spot.
  • Multi fuel tanks monitoring could not be done correctly.
  • Diesel stolen; hard to take the evidence of giving fake charging invoice.
  • Poor accuracy of the report for the driver working status.
  • Poor analyzing report.
  • Poor ROI analyzing.


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What we can do with fuel monitoring

  • Real time monitoring the fuel level
  • Prevents fraud of fuel;
  • Prevents unauthorized use of fuel;
  • Provides high-precision measurement of fuel level in a fuel tank ;
  • Gives detail information about fuel tank refueling, draining, consumption;
  • Collects and stores information about fuel in tank for detailed analyzing;
  • Gives detailed fuel usage history.
  • Any abnormal fuel level change, the alarm will be generated and triggered the cameras to take pictures, and update the users and fleet manager

Equpoint Properties Limited is the leading Asset management & GPS Tracking (Geo Fencing and Immobilization). We provide monitoring solution in real time. You are most welcome!