Automatic Tank Gauge System

Equpoint Property LTD Company can provide remote fuel tank monitoring solution for fuel by using Automatic Tank Gauge System;This system it will help you to manage your fuel stations freely and conveniently on internet or smart mobile phone. ATG system, data collection system and monitoring platform, which can collect ATG data timely and show the data on the computer and mobile phone according to your need. Data collection system is to transfer the ATG data to the server through internet, the data it can collect is as follows:


  • Real time inventory of every tank, including: oil level, water level, temperature, volume.
  • Fixed time inventory data, including: hourly, define time interval
  • Alarm data, including: high level alarm, low level alarm, default alarm
  • Delivery report data, including: the beginning oil level, ending oil level, delivery oil volume.

All these data will be saved in the history database, and the management can check all these data through browser.

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