A Car DVR is a device that records video inside a car. This device is used to capture the images of the road while the

car is being driven, usually to increase the protection of the driver in case of an accident against false claims or to identify the car whose drivers run from the accident scene.

Equpoint Property LTD providing you with around-the-clock video surveillance systems and the proof you need against any accidents, theft or vandalism. DVR recorders are the best car DVR systems in the market. Our video surveillance systems provide personal video recording using up to four cameras and a variety of other features.

DVR recording system

This system will be able to accept up to 4 different cameras and can provide 24/7 monitoring. The system has an included microphone as well as a input trigger that can be connected to an alarm to tell the system to start recording.

•Provides around-the-clock monitoring of the vehicle
•Up to (4) cameras can record while ignition is on
•Built-in processor allows viewing of all cameras at once on external monitor (not included)
•Up to (3) triggers can activate system
•SD card can be removed to view files on a computer
•(1) 32GB SD card
•Standard or HD recording
•Wired microphone included
•Can be integrated into alarm system for triggered recording
•Full function remote

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