Electric Fence

An electric fence is the most effective and cost effective security solution for private houses, housing estates/gated communities, commercial complexes, factories, warehouses, farms, military and government facilities.

Warning and alerting mechanisms built into our "Intelligent Fence" solutions

  • The advanced intelligent monitoring, detection and alerting features built into our electric fence solutions makes it an intelligent, powerful and effective security protection solution and stands out from the rest.
  • If anyone continuously comes in contact contact with the fence wire for more than three seconds or tamper with the fence, for example detaching the wires from the fence posts or cut the wires then the fence monitoring intelligent computer that is built into the energizer will activate alarm siren and automatically send SMS alert.
  • The solution can be configured to send SMS to any mobile phone numbers, for example the residents of property, security guards monitoring the property or an external security reaction company, etc.
Large scale intelligent electric fence installations
  • Electric fence - Controlling and monitoring system. We have add-on modules to further enhance the capabilities and sophistication of our solutions to meet requirements of larger scale installations.
  • Intelligent monitoring and control system is a software module that graphically displays the status of the intelligent electric fence zones and status of each of the energizer within the installation.

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