Voltage Fuel Level Sensor

Equpoint Property LTD have Fuel Sensor which Installed in fuel tanks, they are cuttable according to tank size.   

One thing makes it special is that it uses voltage to detect the fuel level in the tank so it provides accurate information.


• Provides analog signal (Voltage 0 -5V / Current 4 -20mA);

• Provides digital signal (RS232 / RS485);

• The accuracy reaches 0.5% with resolution 0.5mm;

• Can be cut off in the field to match different size of fuel tank;

• Simple installation, stable performance, 3 patents

 What we can do with fuel monitoring solution

 • Real time monitoring the fuel level (remaining liters in tank at real-time)

• Prevents fraud of fuel through detection of improper fuel count.

• Provides high-precision measurement of fuel level in a fuel tank ;

• Gives detail information about fuel tank refueling, draining, consumption and idling consumption;

• Collects and stores information about fuel in tank for detailed and analyzed reports at any time range

• Gives detailed fuel usage history.

• Any abnormal fuel level change, the alarm will be generated and update the users and fleet manager



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