Container Cargo Seal

Equpoint Property LTD offer Cargo  Monitoring Service

that provides real time tracking and securing of cargo containers. Using state of the GPS Intelligent seals, Equpoint Property LTD enables customers to monitor the opening and closing of the container doors, as well as to monitor various conditions of the cargo inside the container. These conditions include temperature, security, humidity, light, tilt, shock, vibration, and others.

Make sure your precious cargo arrives in good shape by keeping.  With our container cargo tracking, you decide when and how you want to be alerted if anything changes.  Our remote container cargo tracking system can give you real-time information so you can make more informed decisions and react to any situation quicker.  

You can take action immediately and from anywhere with our Software remote access that’s also mobile friendly.  You’ll stay in charge even though your cargo may be hundreds of miles away.  You’ll know exactly where it’s been and where it’s going.

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