Fuel Tanker Cargo Seal

EQUPOINT P LTD is hereby provides you

with GPS-Electronic Seal in which you can seal and track your Fuel or Liquid cargo at real-time.These seals can be opened and closed only by authorize users by using empowered smart access cards at the point of off load or upload.  


  • In Fuel distribution industry Theft, contamination, and security are major challenges for the fuel distribution and liquid cargo
  • There has been a rapid increase of many tragedy events like fire out brake of tankers, Fuel Cargo losses, and contamination of Fuel or liquid cargo Fire our break due to fuel cargo fraud Citizen steeling Fuel after accident Events like these can all be reduced or avoided. 


  • The user friendly software compatible to smart phones will give you the following features
  • Real-time seals monitoring and visibility
  • Logs every trip with full recording of route and events
  • Email and SMS alerts to authorized users for any violations e.g. seal rope cutting  
  • Empower and un-empower the access cards remotely
  • Lock and un-lock of the seals remotely  
  • Automated electronic reports on trips and event logs and seal status reports  

The Equpoint  Tanker Monitoring solution will allow Cargo owners to:

  • Ensure the integrity  and safety of their Fuel cargo
  • Detect and respond to pilferage and tampering of fuel
  • Improve driver and user safety by detecting unauthorized tanker truck operation
  • Ensure compliance with company work rules and operational guidelines
  • Generate real-time alarms and alert authorized personnel to respond
  • Maintain full electronic records on all tanker truck trips   

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