Road Fuel Tanker

Equpoint Property LTD comes with the solution for Fuel Tanker cargo monitoring system which provides

to you the ability to monitor and control your fuel cargo right in the palms of your hands via you mobile phone and/or personal computer. Using of the GPS Intelligent device and seal, Fuel sensor, Magnetic Probes, etc to determine fuel level, location of a tank,leaking  By implementing this solution you will enjoy from Fuel cargo monitoring system (FCMS)  

Road Fuel Tanker Monitoring Allows:

  • All Time Has The Real Information About Fuel Level In Cargo Tanks.
  • Multi Tanks Monitoring.
  • Monitor Fuel Loading and Fuel Unloading.
  • Localize Points Of Fuel Loading and Fuel Unloading.
  • Fix Time Of Fuel Loading and Fuel Unloading.
  • Has Fuel History For Each Fuel Compartment.
  • Prevent Fuel Drain, Fuel Fraud And Fuel Manipulation.
  • Detect Fuel Leaking.
  • Monitor Fuel Quality (if density/viscosity sensor and/or water activity sensor connected).
  • Monitor Tanker Trip and Parameters Of Tanker Movement.

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