Filling Station Monitoring

Equpoint Property LTD provide a viable method of leak detection for underground Storage Tank Systems(USTs).With automated processes we test for the loss of regulated substance through the use of the Automatic Tank Gauging System(ATGs).

How does it work? The system works in three parts as follows;

1.Tank Gauging System: The ATGs measures product level while accounting for temperature effects on product.

2. Data collection: The data collection system transfers the ATGs data to the server through the internet. Collection of data includes the following:

  • Fixed time inventory data, including hourly, define time interval.
  • Alarm data, including high level alarm low level alarm.
  • Dalivery report data including the beginning oil level, ending oil level and delivery oil volume.
  • Real time inventory of every tank including, oil level, water level, temperature and volume.

3. Display platform: The display platform uses a B/S architecture, which allows the management to access the platform through the internet. The information  accessed includes the following:

  • Inventory Monitor: This show every stations inventory data with diagram. This will enable you to have data on oil level, water level, temperature, volume etc
  • Alarm: When the system receives new alarm, the monitoring platform will refresh data and also pop out the alarm information. 
  • Delivery: You can check the delivery report through calendar and detail delivery report information
  • Mobile Phone Monitoring: You can also check all data(including inventory, alarm, delivery etc) through your smart mobile phone. simply install our SW and have access.

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