GENSET Monitoring Solution

GENSET monitoring system enables to monitor your Generator No string pulling, no keys. Simply use the mobile phone just dial a phone number and gen set power is on! The system is designed to be extremely simple and, once the customer’s or user’s telephone numbers are programmed into the system, will enable up to 8 authorized users to just call the generator, which will start automatically. No matter where the user is located in the world, when the lights go out.

This system offers an integrated SMS alert and remote control system. This unit can be integrated into any diesel generator in the generator range and allows the generator to be monitored and controlled. The unit is mounted inside the generator housing and runs on the generator’s battery. When the generator is in automatic mode it will start-up when the power fails and in doing so sends an SMS to up to 8 predetermined phone numbers.

Also ability to control and monitor the GENSET 

  • fuel usage and consumption
  • GENSET working hours
  • whole GENSET activities via your mobile phone or personal computers.  

GENSET monitoring system will enable you to;  

  • Prevents unauthorized use of fuel and fuel fraud  
  • Gives detailed information about GENSET fuel tank fueling and draining  
  • Collects and stores information about fuel in tank for detailed analyzing  
  • Gives detailed information of fuel usage history which is stored for 15 months  
  • Measures the efficiency of the GENSET  
  • Provides remote control of the GENSET (switch on and off) 


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