Intelligent Security

Our Intelligent Security ensuring the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Get your access control  to your garage doors and gates,Lights On/Off, Cameras etc.  With our Intelligent Security solutions, you can use your mobile phone to monitor and control your assets and systems from any location, anytime. Its alarm facilities provide a flexible way to distribute critical alarm information to any number of mobile phone users.

Open Your Automatic Gate or Garage Doors through Your Mobile Phone

Open your automatic gate from your phone.  For example, if your SIM has a phone number 0723-000 000, that is the number you have to call to open the gate. The system has a memory where you will store the numbers of people enabled to open your gate (up to 250 people). When the Gate Opener receives a call, it will check the calling number and if the number is in the list you have prepared, it will reject the call and open the gate. This system can be used in gated communities, offices, and homes.

Electric Fencing Security System

High voltage electric fencing is the first line of defense, and enhances the ability to detect and respond to break-ins or intrusion immediately. This is to protect your property and ensure that intruders do not unlawfully enter your property. With our Intelligent Security system, an alarm will be raised immediately an intruder tries to cut through the electrified wires or compromises your fence.

HD Spy Camera

This wall mountable spy camera secretly records what is happening in your home, at your work place, or at any remote site, and alerts you in real-time on your phone! To the ordinary person, this looks just like an ordinary light switch. What they don't know is that there is a high resolution spy camera with a pinhole lens hidden inside. It is one of the most effective spy products available.

3G Camera

With our 3G camera, you can view what is happening in your home, at your work place, or at any remote site by making a single call to the camera from any location on your 3G phone. The 3G Camera offers you the freedom to view “LIVE” video images captured from installed cameras or CCTV system. All this through your 3G Mobile phones, PDA’s & Windows mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Using your mobile keypad, you can move the camera to two directions to reach more views.

Lighting and Locks Control

The system is designed to be extremely simple and, once the customer’s or user’s telephone numbers are programmed into the system, will enable up to 8 authorized users to switch the lights or lock on or off, as and when necessary. Thus, no matter where the user is located in the world he can control his lights or locks.



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