Intelligent Auto Loan Management & Debt Recovery

Intelligent Auto Loan Management and Debt Recovery Solution (IALMDR)  Hunting down a hidden car is now a thing of the past. Intelligent Auto Loan Management and Debt Recovery solution allows you to locate vehicles quickly and track them, to enable you to easily recover vehicles if customers default on loans, even without the compliance of the customer.  

This solution puts you in charge of your inventory of vehicles that are still being financed. Once the finance period is over, you can offer a free oil change, so that the device can be removed and used on another vehicle. This means that you have full control and flexibility when it comes to making sure that your business is profitable.  

Our flexible software platform provides the following services:

  • Online tracking of your vehicles 24/7:
  • Know where your vehicles are at any time of the day.
  • Our devices employ an automatic roaming technology. This means they support different radio frequency bands, thus they are compatible with GSM networks worldwide. In the unlikely event that our quad band device cannot connect to a network, our system stores up to 8000 records which are then transmitted once the connection is re-established. No loss of data.
  • Overview of trips, parking and stop times:
  • Obtain detailed vehicle activity records. Your data is stored on our system for up to 15 months and may be retrieved at any time during that period.  
  • Days the vehicle worked (moved) and how long the vehicle worked for: Get exact records of routes usually used, to make tracing easier in the event of default of payment.
  • Monitoring via your mobile phone: With our GSM tracking solution you will have access to the where about of your vehicles every day, all day, directly on your smart or feature phone or personal computers. 

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