Intelligent Heavy Equipment Monitoring

Our Intelligent Heavy Equipment Monitoring solution allows you to track and monitor your earth moving equipment, mobile RMC plants and hydraulic impact hammers, excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers and other construction and mining equipment.

Our solution enables you to collect utilization information which is critical to ensuring proper maintenance and accurate billing. With our Intelligent Heavy Equipment Monitoring solution, you can monitor and control vehicle use and movement, fuel usage and consumption, and even engine hours, enabling you to save considerably on fuel and other operating costs, including depreciation of the equipment.

Our flexible software platform provides the following services:

  • Track your equipment 24/7: Know where your equipment is at any time of the day.
  • Monitor the location and usage duration of all the equipment you hire out. Our devices employ automatic roaming technology; this means they support different radio frequency bands, thus they are compatible with GSM networks worldwide. In the unlikely event that our automatic roaming device cannot connect to a network, our system stores up to 8000 records which are then transmitted once the connection is reestablished. No loss of data! 

EQUPOINT PROPERTIES LTD It’s easy to Manage what you can Monitor 

  • Eliminate losses incurred as a result of false reporting and fuel frauds:
  • Our solution allows you to obtain first-hand, detailed information on equipment use and fuel consumption (actual amount of fuel in tank, refueling and draining) right in your office. Know the number of hours each machine is running by day or week. Your data is stored on our system for up to 15 months and may be retrieved at any time during that period.

Increase productivity - protect machines from abuse by:

  • Equipment operators, who waste fuel by idling too much,
  • Leave motors idling while they eat lunch,
  • Operating outside their assigned area,
  • Work machines too hard or drive too fast,
  • Eager to keep busy all the time, use large, expensive machines to perform minor tasks, such as clearing away small debris.
  • Making sure the heavy equipment / machinery does not cross the agreed boundaries (Geo-fencing)
  • Remote monitoring of mileage of heavy equipment / machinery  
  • Immobilizing heavy equipment / machinery in the case of theft or unauthorized use
  • Reports outlining of the movement and compliance of your heavy equipment / machinery   

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