Intelligent Motorcycle Tracking

for monitoring a range of motorcycles to improve motorcycle security, and offer you peace of mind. Our device, is compact, waterproof, and durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The Power Saver functionality ensures that the device can be deactivated when not in use to save the amount of power consumed by the battery. 

The solution allows you to:

  •  Track, monitor and control the movement and routes used by your motorcycles online on our easy to use, customer-friendly Software
  • Monitor, track and control your motorcycles easily via email on your mobile phone
  • Know when the tracking device in any of your motorcycles has been tampered with (Tamper Alert)
  • Receive monthly reports outlining the movement and compliance of your fleet for up to 3 months
  • Receive alerts whenever any of your motorcycles are involved in accidents (Shock Sensor Alert)
  • Make sure your motorcycles do not cross agreed boundaries (Geo-fencing Institution)
  • Enable over-speeding checks for your motorcycles (Alarms)
  • Know when your engine is turned on/off with location and time


Our solution will enable you to get a ready-made, comprehensive and integrated solution for monitoring all your motorbikes. With our automated reports and data, you will get automatic reporting alerts and warnings via emails and mobile prompts to ensure prompt response to any eventualities.

  • Longer lifespan of motorbikes: Servicing Reminders (Alarms) can be set to keep your motorbikes up to date on all preventative maintenance, ensuring longer lifespan of your motorbikes.
  • Lower Fleet Fuel Costs: Ensuring that dispatch riders reduce their speed will help to reduce fleet maintenance costs and fuel consumption, saving your business 10%-15% on your fuel bill each month.
  • Eliminate unauthorized use of motorbikes: Eliminating unauthorized use of motorbikes can significantly reduce fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Monitor over-speeding and driver behavior: Driver behavior such as acceleration, heavy breaking and over-speeding can be monitored by enabling over-speeding checks (Alarms). This will help to reduce the incidence of Road Accidents, saving you considerably on repair cost.
  • Geo-fencing: With the creation of virtual boundaries, a notification is received as soon as your motorbikes cross set boundaries or leave a secured parking space.
  • Ignition On/Off Alert: With this feature, a notification is received anytime the engine of the motorbike is started and move.
  • Increased fleet and driver security: With the SOS help alert, staff can quickly be located and assisted as and when required.

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