Intelligent School bus

Equpoint Property LTD provides a comprehensive School Bus Solution that is excellent for monitoring school buses owned by schools.


Our flexible web-based platform provides the following services: 

  • Online tracking of your vehicles 24/7/365: Know where your bus is at any time of the day. Monitor
  • The location and usage duration of all your school buses. 

Our devices employ quad-band technology. This means they support four different radio frequency bands, and thus, are compatible with most GSM networks worldwide. Eliminate losses incurred as a result of false reporting: 

Our solution allows you to obtain first-hand, detailed information on the usage of the bus, right in your office. Know and get the exact records of routes usually used, to make tracing easier.

Overview of trips, parking and stop times: Obtain detailed vehicle activity records. Your data is stored on our system and may be retrieved at any time during that period. Monitoring via your mobile phone: 

Our solution allows you to identify the number of students in the bus with the help of our IC cards. This helps to obtain first hand information about students who board the bus. 

With our system, each child has a unique IC Card which they swipe upon entering and leaving the school bus; this enables parents, guardians and administrators to know who is on the bus, when they got on the bus, as well as the time they get home from school, for security purposes.

Each IC Card has a unique ID and contact information for your child; when your child swipes the IC Card, the ID and contact information will be shown on our easy-to-use, customer-friendly web interface

Get an independent database for managing students’ information. The user can manage information of all the students, including ID, name, address, telephone number, email, guardian's contact details, etc.

  • Receive prompts or alarms via the tracker when the bus has been overloaded with students
  • Track your bus online on our easy-to-use, customer-friendly web interface
  • Monitor, track and control your bus easily via your mobile phone
  • Make sure the bus does not cross agreed boundaries (Geofencing Institution)
  • With added features like the Black Box you will be able to record all activities that take place in the Bus to and fro in video format.

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