Intelligent Vehicle & Fuel Monitoring

EQUPOINT PROPERTY LTD provides a comprehensive vehicle and fuel tracking solution that allows you to track and monitor your fleet 24/7/365. With our Intelligent Vehicle and Fuel Tracking solution, you can monitor and control vehicle movement, fuel usage and consumption, and even engine hours, enabling you to save considerably on operational costs.

Fuel usage and fuel consumption monitoring comes with the following advantages:

  • Prevents fuel fraud
  • Prevents unauthorized use of fuel
  • Provides high-precision measurement of fuel level in a fuel tank
  • Gives detailed information about fuel tank fueling and draining
  • Gives detailed information about fuel consumption
  • Collects and stores information about fuel in tank for detailed analyzing
  • Provides remote fuel monitoring for mobile and stationary objects
  • Gives detailed fuel usage history which is stored for 15 months


With this special tool you can easily draw an area on the map and name the zone. For example, you can choose the option that you want to receive a notification when the vehicle is moving within the zone and when the vehicle leaves the zone. You can also send customers a message by e-mail or SMS. This is especially useful for courier services. This will allow significant cost savings, and you create good customer binding. Also you can park your vehicles in a secure parking area. If one of your vehicles is stolen and leave this zone, you can receive an SMS alert.

Other features include

Monitoring fuel purchase and usage patterns Making sure the vehicle does not cross the agreed boundaries (Geofencing Institution) Remote monitoring of mileage of vehicles Over-speeding checks (Alarms) Immobilizing vehicles in the case of theft or unauthorized use See when ignition is ON or OFF Monthly reports outlining the movement and compliance of your fleet Reports may be downloaded in XML formats for management use.


The reporting functionality provides you the opportunity to quickly review the asset history during the period specified, with additional 15 months of archived data. All activity associated with the asset is included in the history report: automatic reporting, alerts, warnings, commands sent to the unit, email/SMS notifications sent to the customer - all can be reviewed using this one single report.

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