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EQUPOINT was found in 2013. The company is within SF GROUP OF COMPANIES LIMITED and it specializes on Internet of Things (IoT), Utility Monitoring, Security and Safety Solutions, Software and Hardware design and development and other monitoring solution. The company works with multiple public and private enitites and is well known for being Committed, Passionate and having a hands approach on delivering First Class Services and Solutions to its clients.

Equpoint properties LTD is a vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions provider.We have a dedicated team of highly skilled software engineers, combining over 20 years of international software engineering experience in the field of remote asset management and monitoring around the globe.

  • Market Served
  • Commercial Transporters
  • Government Agencies
  • Bank and Insurance
  • Small & Large Corporate
  • Individual Car Owner

Our solutions are powered by our key innovations in purpose-built SaaS cloud platforms, IoT and mobile technologies including the newly emerging 5G technology.

At Equpoint we assist our clients to transform their business with innovative SaaS, IoT and mobile solutions. We are passionate about changing the way businesses communicate, collaborate and operate around the world, allowing you to take action on the insights from our cutting-edge devices and cloud platforms.

Our support and hardware solutions come together in clever, user-friendly and powerful software systems enabling your business to Always be Visible & control with your finger.